Sandra, formerly known as the Demon Girl, is a Revolutionist and the group's doctor. Although first appearing early in the story, she was only the penultimate member to join Isaiah's forces.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

As a child, Sandra was a lively girl who loved bright colours and was portrayed as extremely kind and good hearted. However, after the incident which resulted in the awakening of her second personality, she became a hateful and bloodthisty being. However, even in that form, she never attacked innocent people.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Upon recovery of her full identity, Sandra became the first and only known character to be able to use two types of psionics. This allows her to be an efficient fighter by using her telekinesis abilities, as well as holding a superhuman endurance thanks to her healing abilities. 

History Edit


Sandra had awoken her phantasmic psionic abilities at a very young age, and was able to heal any ill person in her natal village. Her miraculous abilities eventually caught up to the Alliance, who knew of it as a form of psionic ability that held potential danger. The Alliance arrived to Sandra's village on a winter night, and requested to take in Sandra by force. Her father, refusing to hand over an innocent child who held nothing but good intentions, was killed by one of the generals before her very eyes. Sandra, beginning to sob, was then protected by her mother, the latter begging for them to have mercy and leave her child. The general then shot her mother, causing her to release a complete outburst and enter a trance, simultaneously awakening a second personality and her kinetic abilities. Upon recovering from the trauma and letting her new personality take over, Sandra completely slaughtered every single Alliance member, except for the general who managed to escape before shooting her twice in the chest. The pain she received then returned her to her former state, where she was able to barely survive by using her healing abilities. Noticing the slaughter surrounding her, she understood she was the one who caused it, and since that day, she became known as the Demon Child and became hunted by the Alliance, who put a 15,000,000 Kara bounty on her head despite her age.

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